220 S Spring St
220 S. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
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220 S. Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Reserve your spot today at 220 S Spring St, located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Driving Directions to Parking Location.
Walking Directions from Parking Location to Event.


1) Enter on Spring St at the right entry lane and scan your QR code at the reader with the red flashing lights. Hold the QR code 1 to 2 inches away from the scanner and the gate will open.

2) You may park anywhere that does not say "Reserved."

3) When exiting, please do so via Spring St at the left exit lane. Scan your QR code again at the reader with the red flashing lights.

4) The gate will open. You're free to go!


24/7 secured, covered parking with convenient access to downtown Los Angeles.

Terms of Use

Each purchase entitles you to a single-use reservation for one parking space, valid during the time range you select. If you arrive early or stay late, you may be charged a fee for the time not covered by your reservation. Once you exit the garage, you will not be able to enter again with the same reservation.