10 St James Ave
10 St James Ave, Boston, MA 02116
Step 1: Select Parking
Parking Specials
3 Hour Flat Rate
With this parking pass you can purchase 3 hours of parking at the garage for a flat fee of $9. Scan in with your barcode and Scan out as well, please do not take a ticket.
Good for use through:
Unlimited blocks remain
Driving Directions to Parking Location.
Walking Directions from Parking Location to Event.


Upon entering the garage please proceed to the entry gate, the spots before the gate are reserved. Please have your barcode ready when you enter, our scanners can accept it via your smartphone or a print-out. Please do not take a ticket from the machine to enter. Instead, scan the barcode that you received with your purchase at the entry scanner. This will prompt the gate to open. After entering through the gate, you may park in any spot that is not marked as "Reserved". There will be attendants present within the garage to either guide you to an open spot, or valet-assist your vehicle (free of charge). Upon exit, scan your barcode again at the exit scanner, this will prompt the gate to open and allow you to exit.


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